How to Find your Personal Style

Sometimes it can be hard to figure out what you like or the type of image you want to convey through your clothing. Finding your personal style can be a task for most but I’m here to guide you. Below are some steps that can really help with defining your look.

1. Look for Inspiration. Your inspiration can come from anywhere not only Instagram and Pinterest. You can be inspired by a singer you love, photography or even architecture. By taking the silhouettes, colours and attitudes that these things create and mean to you it can be then transferred into any type of look.


2. Make a Mood Board. This is a great tool, as a stylist there is always a visual to refer to for guidance. It is not about copying the images on the mood board but it’s really to have a visual of the particular mood or aesthetic you want to capture. This will keep you on track for purchasing and styling items in your wardrobe.

image source: Becca Haf


3. Add Trend Pieces to Basics. To have style does not mean you have to be on trend but it is always refreshing to add an element to your outfit that is relevant at the moment. It essentially keeps your outfit from looking dated.

Trend: Checked Coat


4. Invest in Key Pieces. Take a look at the staple items you wear the most. If you like wearing basic white tees I would suggest to spend more on an Isabel Marant T-shirt that will give you more wear, than a basic F21 that will give you less after a few washes. You can style that Isabel Marant T-shirt and get so many different looks, but it’s important to know yourself and be realistic. Depending on where you are in life it may not be necessary to purchase a Gucci branded T-shirt that you may only wear three times. See where I’m going with this?


5. Comfort Leads to Confidence. Changing or learning your style should be empowering and it all comes down to what you feel comfortable in. What you may like, someone else may not like, but when you feel good in it you exude the confidence you feel inside.

Remember, your way to be exclusive is to be yourself 🙂



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