Mini Grenada Travel Guide

Grenada has to be my new favourite island! after Trinidad & Tobago of course. Although small without seemingly much to do, it’s the most beautiful place to relax in.

Located just north of Trinidad & Tobago, Grenada is most often recognised as the Spice Island of the region. The town is full of character with mostly original architecture and bustling harbours. Its picturesque surroundings, warm people and laid back style is what gives this island the ultimate sweet life vibe. I have visited a few other caribbean islands but Grenada definitely has its own unique element. It’s relaxing, peaceful, and stops time. If you’re looking to escape the routine city life or are in dire need of tranquility, I highly recommend you start planning a trip here ASAP. Here’s my Grenada travel guide and a recap of my trip.

Where to Stay

True Blue Bay Resort- I’m confident that anyone who has ever visited Grenada would agree that the experience isn’t complete without a magical stay at True Blue Bay! It’s one of the few eco-boutique resorts on the island and is renowned for its family like atmosphere. The bright blue pools and pockets of unique spots is like a walk in wonderland.

The entire aura is tranquil and serene – it put me at peace and allowed me to appreciate a different side of island life. However, if you’re into more than relaxing by the pool there are fun activities you can partake in like cooking classes, yoga and even water sports.

Now for the interiors, it’s so airy, and restful! I love how the rooms just flood with natural light, which is not only great for photos but calming throughout the day. True Blue’s interiors do an excellent job highlighting the eco-luxury vibe of Grenada. As for the service – it was nothing short of spectacular!

Where to Eat

The truth about Grenada is that there aren’t tons of options when it comes to different types of eateries however, many of them are located right on the waterfront and you really can’t go wrong. Here are my recommendations:

I highly recommend dining at Umbrellas Beach Bar on Grand Anse beach for a fun time. The menu is packed with amazing flavour and the crowd is rich with culture.

Aquariam Restaurant is located right on the sandy shores and you get to experience the romantic sea views at sunset. It’s like out of this world beautiful! And if you’re lucky, you might catch some spontaneous live music action with Jeverson and his band .

What to do

There are many interesting things to do in Grenada and the True Blue Bay Team will definitely suggest the best activities. You can go snorkeling at an underwater sculpture park, hiking to view the spectacular waterfalls, visit the sulphur springs or lounge on the white sandy beaches.

As I was only in Grenada for a short time I was unable to visit the waterfalls and do more nature type adventures. However, it was definitely great to learn about Grenada’s history and chocolate origins. I was able to visit the House of Chocolate and the local market which was such an amazing feat.

A special thank to True Blue Bay Resort for a wonderful stay and showing me around. I had so much fun and I can’t wait to be back to the spice island. I hope you enjoyed my mini Grenada travel guide. Let me know if you’ve been there and what other recommendations you have!

P.S. Check out their Special Offers here ! Thank me later.

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