How I Destroyed my NYE Dress

Okay, so I exaggerated a little… maybe alot. I didn’t really ‘destroy’ it, more like redesigned/ modified it…

I had just come back from New York for carnival with a list of parties I was attending and outfits for each (because planning is essential for good styling). However, as all Trinis know, we always end up going to a few extra. Scorch came around and I had already used my planned outfit and well, I was just a mess. Wondering what old outfits in my closet I could use that hadn’t already hit the gram or weren’t too noticeable. If you’re like me when it comes to events, I simply cannot wear an outfit more than once without styling it differently. I think it should look like an updated version of itself each time you see it.

I stood in my room, turning my closet upside down for about 45 minutes. Trying to mix and match, but nothing was giving me that pool party vibe I was going for. Then it came to me.

I will cut my beautiful NYE dress my mother bought me for Christmas!

I know, right now you’re probably like really Sinead? The dress is perfectly fine and doesn’t need cutting! But I just HAD to cut it, by then I had already hyped myself up on a DIY project. I put on the dress with my scissors in hand and wondered if this was really a good idea or not, but recently my life’s mantra has been along the lines of “WING IT, it never really ends up that bad and if it does, well you’d figure it out then”. So I stood in front of the mirror and began slowly cutting off the sleeves.


I was still nervous because the fabric of the dress only allowed me to cut in a square shape so I had to cut specific links to keep the form of the dress. I took my time and could not be anymore pleased with the end result.

lower neck line, cut off sleeves and cut higher side slit

If you have an item of clothing that you think can be altered, go for it. Just be sure to have an image of the end goal and steps to achieve it as this will certainly increase your chances of a great design.

Happy cutting!!


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