For many of us, we’ve forgotten what it’s like to stroll through the mall with our hands filled with bags of clothing. Online shopping has definitely taken over, but sometimes it can get a little overwhelming. I get so many questions about purchasing online, how I get the perfect fit, where to find the best sales and where to find new stores. Since my first online purchase
while you are clicking around your computer with your mouse, I’ve probably filled hundreds more online shopping baskets with globally-sourced purchases than you could imagine. Online shopping has definitely evolved, as Instagram is now my nirvana. I love coming home to a gift from my past self, so below I have listed 7 of my best kept secrets for online shopping.


Before I even go to a website, the first thing I do is go to youtube. It’s really my holy grail for finding things. I mainly follow girls with my style or whose opinion I trust. I then search for clothing hauls either by brand (Zara haul) or by season (Summer haul). Upon searching I then filter by date, this way it’s much easier to know the items which are more likely to be online rather than sold out. Usually the items shown in the videos are linked in the caption section of the video, where you can shop for them directly. This is a fool proof way to see how the clothing actually fits as well as get better reviews on the quality of the items you’re paying for.


If you’ve read my Dubai guide to planning your next trip you’ll know that I really trust Instagram for finding information. Most sites have specific hashtags dedicated to them that bloggers, influencers and everyone in between uses. Along with searching hashtags you can view tagged photos of the brands you love. While this way may be a bit more tedious to find the items on the website, you can always ask the instagrammer in the comments or via DM about the name or item code.

However, if you’re just into browsing, and finding new styles you can use the ‘shopping’ tab to the top of the explore page to shop for looks from brands you never knew about. Click the bag so that you can see the price and this takes you directly to the site to purchase.

Open potential options in new tabs

Have you ever used someone’s laptop and noticed they have about 10 tabs open?? LOL This is what you need to do when searching websites. Open a few tabs at a time and keep scrolling. This helps to quicken your website search and view items you like thoroughly without having to figure out where you were last.

Read size measurements

Most of us overlook this, but on most sites it tells you what size the model is wearing and what size the ‘small’ starts at. This can definitely help you determine what size you should get. If you are curvy for example or may not fit into a standard size, this is especially useful in sites that carry multiple brands; as their standard sizing chart may not be exact for you. If the website has a live chat, you can also send them your exact measurements and have them recommend what is best for your body.

Use plugins

This is often bypassed but plugins can be a great help. Ebates, gives you cash back and coupons for stores you love. There is also Shoptgar, which is a plugin I absolutely love! You go to an item you like, press that plugin and it will add it to your wishlist. You can ask it to notify you when it goes on sale, which is perfect for NYE, Birthday and Wedding wishlists.

Don’t believe the sale hype

Not every sale you see is worthy of your time. Some sites will inflate the starting price of an item to make it look like you’re saving more money than you really are. It’s up to you to do your due diligence and make sure the prices you are being given are accurate, by looking at similar styles on other sites. Depending on how badly you want the item, add it to your wishlist and then wait for seasonal sales or holiday promotions.

Read reviews

Some sites, like Amazon and Free People, allow users to review their products online and upload photos of themselves wearing the garments. All you have to do is click on the item you are interested in and scroll down. You can also do a simple google search, it’s important to know if your item is worth the purchase or not.

I hope these tips help! Let me know in the comments what tips and tricks you use or which of my secrets worked best for you. Happy Shopping!


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