There is definitely something for everyone in Dubai; nightlife, adventure or relaxation this city has everything you can imagine. Here’s how to plan and get the most out of Dubai.

Get your Visa

As a citizen of Trinidad and Tobago it is required to attain a travel visa prior to entering the UAE. To do this you can go online to the Emirates website, fill out your visa requirements and proceed from there. The process was quick and very easy, it took only a few days. However, this service is only available to passengers with a confirmed Emirates booking where an Emirates eticket has already been issued and  any flights to or from Dubai on other carriers are not eligible for that online visa service. A quick google search and you can find out other ways to go about attaining your visa from your point of departure. 

Use Social Media

Finding out what to do can be a task, so I watched tons of YouTube vlogs, read a bunch of blogs and searched on Instagram for the ideal places I wanted to visit. With YouTube and blogs, I searched non tourist things to do in Dubai, best places to see in Dubai and titles along those lines. On Instagram, search hashtags like #VisitDubai, #MyDubai, also search locations and pages such as Things to do in Dubai City. By doing this you can get loads of information and decide on places to stay, where to eat and activities that best suit you.

Plan a Flexible Itinerary

If your’e going for a short time and you want to maximize your experience with activities, get that excel spreadsheet and plan plan plan! Book your trip in the ‘cooler months’ (November- March) as some day time activities are closed during summer due to the heat levels. Be realistic with the amount of time you will spend at each place and use google maps to give you an idea of travel times to and from locations. If your time permits, leave room to explore. 

Don’t get caught in too many tourist traps.

You definitely want to book your activities in advance. A lot of booking sites like Viator, Get Your Guide etc. are sometimes great for doing a full day tour with pick up to and from your hotel no hassle. However, I went directly to the sites of places I wanted to visit and purchased the activities there as it was much cheaper. Some places are even free but are charged on those booking sites. This also allows you to be more flexible with your own time and not stuck with a group. 

Pack Smartly

I am like most women, sometimes you over-pack, then you shop, then you have no room for anything and before you know it, you’re at the check in counter with loads of people behind you, shifting clothes into a carry-on. Don’t be that girl! Plan your outfits properly, even add it to your itinerary. This way you have an outfit for every activity, sleepwear, a little extra and space to add souvenirs etc. You can even go a step extra and take pics in the looks you plan on wearing, accessories and all.                     


Dress Appropriately

Other than packing, it’s good to note that Dubai and the other independent UAE states are Islamic states. In Dubai specifically it’s definitely more relaxed and not as strict when it comes to dress code for tourists, as there are a lot of expats. However, I won’t advise walking around with your cheeks hanging out because it’s hot.

“don’t be that girl!”

Be mindful when in public spaces such as the malls or even visiting the mosque, respect for others’ culture is key! Most places you can wear anything you want, but use your discretion based on where you’re heading. It can also get a bit chilly at night in the November- Feb months so you may want to pack a light sweater for evening activities. 

I hope this helps you when planning your next trip to DXB!! leave a comment or ask me any questions below if you’d like 🙂



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