It was my best friend’s birthday recently, so we decided to try Freebird, this new ‘Farm to Table’ restaurant in Point-a-Pierre. She ended up changing her mind so my mum & I decided to take the reservation instead, since we had family visiting us in Trinidad.

The restaurant is located on the compound of a major petrochemical and oil refinery in south Trinidad (Petrotrin) and is at the Nature Retreat Center for the Wildfowl Trust. If you’ve never been, there’s lots to gaze at on the way.

We arrived and were greeted with some blueberry infused water while we waited to be seated. Upon being seated we were presented with our brunch menu and welcomed by wonderful service staff. The menu was filled with great options of which we were to choose any 4 items. I wish I took a picture of the Brunch menu for you guys but here is what we had.

Before our 4 course meal we started off  with a delightful banana bread, complimentary fresh juice and fruit.

Mixed Fruit



Really though, 5 stars! this place in an absolute HIT and everyone needs to try it at least once!

After brunch, I just had to go outside to take some pictures in the cute outdoor spaces (Shocking, I know).




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