Sometimes there comes a time when we feel the need to re-brand ourselves, re-create that sense of individuality we’ve lost from living a mundane style life. I definitely got that feeling recently and of course began creating a dream board of styles I wanted to emulate. Immediately I started saving items to my cart and by that time I had already decided I wanted to get rid of my entire wardrobe and start new (I know, I’m very dramatic lol). So I decided that there needed to be a method to this madness.

After making my dream board with the type of looks I was going for I created 7 piles. (yea.. it’s a lot)

1. KEEP: Of course this is the most important pile. These are the items that I definitely wanted, without a doubt. I’ve worn them within the last 6 months or plan to very soon.

PRO TIP- create outfit ideas while deliberating on keeping, this will help with deciding. Also, if you haven’t worn it in a while, try on outfits to get a sense of how you feel.

2. DONATIONS: These were items I knew I would never wear again, no chance no way! I mean, they weren’t ratty or in bad condition, they were either too small or just not my style anymore.

3. ALTERATIONS: I had a few items that were great pieces but needed a new zipper, a tiny hole to fix or needed a tack here and there. These were lined up for my sewing machine or ready to be sent to my seamstress wherever the task was too grand for me.

4. STORE AWAY: Sometimes it’s just really hard to part with an item you paid so much for and you can definitely see the style coming back in the near future. They aren’t going to be worn any time soon but are of definite value, so those definitely needed to be kept in a secure place out of my main wardrobe.

5. SELL: These items have been sitting around 8 months plus, brand new or worn once. I had so many unused items and this is actually how ‘SB’s Closet‘ came about. I got so much feedback from it and realized that many of you, like me, had tons of stuff you just wanted to get off of your hands.

6. RE-PURPOSE: These clothes you’ve worn tirelessly, you still love them but they can be reinvented. To re-purpose simply means taking an item and giving it a new or different purpose. Make that sweater into a cropped sweater, bleach and cut those jeans into shorts. You can even turn that silk shirt into a scarf or turban… get creative.

7. GET RID: Yesss I said it…. THROW IT AWAY! If it can’t even go into any of the above piles… why do you even have it ?!

Now after all of that hard work, I’m definitely treating myself to a new wardrobe, you should too 🙂

– SB

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