Slay Wedding Szn

It seems as though 2018 is the year of celebrating love and as the wedding invitations pour in your first thought is “What the hell am I going to wear?” Before you panic buy and regret your purchase here are some rules to be guided by when choosing a bomb outfit.

  1. NO White!! Unless otherwise stated by the bride and groom, do not show up in an all white outfit. It isn’t appropriate and can definitely be offensive.

2. Be Respectful. Most weddings in Trinidad & Tobago usually begin with a ceremony hosted in a religious house followed by a reception elsewhere. If  you’re attending both, you should put particular attention into your attire. You must be covered enough to respect the religious body hosting the ceremony and hot enough for the reception party.

3. Black Tie Required. If this dress-code is stipulated on your invite it simply means the ensemble is formal, so no you may not come in your micro mini dress. Most guests will be wearing full length dresses but a formal cocktail dress is also appropriate. This means keeping the hemline of your dress below or around the knee.

4. Semi Formal. This dress code is much more casual than black tie attire and allows for a wider variety of options. Of course this does not mean you can dress up your jeans.

5. Beach Formal. For those Tobago weddings, this attire equals flowy silhouettes, flats optional depending on logistics of the ceremony.

6. Switch it up. Don’t be afraid to experiment and step away from the usual dress with a great jumpsuit or power suit.

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