Personal Style or Fashion Victim?

I was recently reading an article in Vogue which immediately invoked some thought. It made me wonder about my personal style and the style of others around me. Have we become such followers of celebrities and Instagram models that we have lost all sense of our own style? Social media has definitely curated for us what they think we should wear and what they think we should look like. Often times in Trinidad you can go to an event and find more than one person in the same outfit depending on the newest trend and that’s fine, but do they look any different? Or are they victims of fashion, looking just like the girl on Instagram that sold it to them?
Personal Style is a story we tell about ourselves, it conveys a point of view and it’s that extra sparkle that makes us different. Fashion trends come and go and we all ride the wave but don’t be afraid to add a little something. It’s easy to feel intimidated to express your true self on an island where everyone is a fashion critic. Unless you’re in the TT Fashion scene or a well known designer it can become pretty daunting to imagine yourself in a short skirt, some fishnets paired with vans and a slogan tee. Trust me I know. I have just began to truly define my style and often times find myself here, wondering if it has been manipulated by hours of social media consumption. It takes a few tries in front of the mirror before I am truly comfortable and confident with my ensemble. I must leave home feeling like the most accurate version of myself.

If you haven’t found your personal style yet, all it takes is being honest with yourself. Wear clothing that makes you feel satisfied, despite what others may think is ‘cool for Trinidad’ or not. Good style doesn’t mean consistently changing. It means having good taste and learning to make the same point over and over through different looks.


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