4 Ways to Upgrade Your Existing Look


A statement earring can be the talking piece of any outfit. Paired with jeans, heels and a tank top; some killer earrings can really make a difference and add a nice finishing touch.


Photos by: Zara



This may be a difficult concept as most of us in the Caribbean immediately conceptualize lots of clothing accompanied by hot flashes. Fortunately for you, there are many ways to layer without getting a heat stroke.

Layering helps the complexity of a look and gives your outfit a certain level of unique appeal that signifies your style.

photo by: Alicia Roddy



As simple as it sounds, a bit of colour can do wonders. It can also be manipulated in different ways, but must be used with care. Colour may be used in touches if you wish to change the look of your clothes, but if you have a small wardrobe, restrict your colours to your accessories.


Having an element of texture adds dimension and contrast to your outfit. It gives each item its own bit of personality.


Keep these 4 tips in your style arsenal and you can upgrade any look with ease.




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