Mesh is known as a very revealing article of clothing. Some may question why even wear it? What is left for the imagination? But I see it from a visual standpoint, the network of tiny black threads flowing across the body. These times are different and we have redefined the type of woman that wears mesh. A lot of people are asking what is the purpose of fashion right now? Why am I blogging when my country has been literally turned upside down?

In my deep thoughts I’ve found that fashion has been an outlet for women to rebel and express themselves in a quiet protest that is just as powerful as speaking itself. A woman chooses to silently communicate about how she feels about herself through the way she clothes her body. To some, the ability to define who you are through your clothing is a luxury of sorts and to maintain this luxury we must continue to break barriers and keep redefining our rights as women.


Mesh Dress: ASOS, Shorts: Missguided, Choker: Bang Bang

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